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Quick start
Product Number 13732R-S0084-P950

Technical specs
Normal  operating voltage:AC
230V,50HzMaximum load
:300W RC

Frequency range:
868.42MHzWireless Range:
Up to 30m line of sight

Basic Operations
-The iModuleDim can be remotely controlled.
-The iModuleDim can be controlled by the push button on the front of the device.
-The iModuleDim's indicator light will indicate the status of the switch.
-The iModuleDim can connect with your existing 1 Gang push button switch with ON / OFF and dimming function.

-Turn OFF power by switching off the circuit breaker or removing the fuse and test that power is off before wiring!
-Ensure iModuleDim capacity matches the load requirements.
-Wall Installation: Connect it with your existing 2 Gang or 1 Gang push button switch, please see below Wiring Diagrams.
-Reapply power to the circuit at fuse box or circuit breaker to test the system carefully, if the indicator light on iModuleDim blinks 30 seconds and then keep breathing, it means the installation is in good condition.
-Turn OFF the power again.
-For Wall Installation: Insert your push button switch together with iModuleDim into switch box, being careful not to pinch or crush wires, and secure it with screws. Reapply power to the circuit at fuse box or circuit breaker.

Wall Installation Wiring Diagram, connect with push button switch:
Please note: A 6A external fuse before the red wire Live of the iModuleDim switch must be installed in the installation for protect the iModuleDim switch overload. Red wire refers to Live IN, blue wire refers to Neutral, and black wire refers to connecting with switch.

Network Wide Inclusion
When the iModuleDim is not yet included in a Z-Wave network, NWI will be started automatically for 30 seconds when the iModuleDim is switching ON.
Make sure your Z-Wave controller is in the correct operating mode (inclusion).

Normal include or exclude
Make sure your Z-Wave controller is in the right operation mode (include or exclude).
Press and hold the push button for 1 second and release to start the inclusion or exclusion process (indication mode: Ready for learn mode).

Manual control
(1) connect the terminal block COM,KEY1,KEY3 with your existing 2 Gang push button switch, as per the wiring diagram.
(2) OR connect the terminal block COM,KEY2 with your existing 1 Gang push button switch, as per the wiring diagram.
Push the push button switch to control with ON / OFF and DIMMING function.

Remote control
The iModuleDim can be remote controlled by several Z-Wave controllers or devices.

Indication modes
The indicator gives various statuses of the device as follows:
-Automatically add: blinks 30 seconds.
-Ready for learn mode: Indicator light Breathing.
-Learn in progress (add): Indicator light blinks 1 time.
-Learn in progress (remove): Indicator light blinks 1 second (8 times).
-Learn mode success: Indicator light is on for 1 time. (and then if load is on, indicator light keep on; if load is off, indicator light keep breathing)
-Learn mode failed: Indicator light blinks fast.

Technical Manual
-This device is using a radio signal that passes through walls, windows and doors. The range  is  strongly  influenced  by  local  conditions  such  as  large  metal  objects,  house wiring, concrete, furniture, refrigerators, microwaves and similar items. On average, the indoor range is approximately 30 meters.
-Do not expose this product to excessive heat or moisture.
-Prevent long term exposure to direct sunlight.
-Do not attempt to repair this product. If the product is damaged or if you are in doubt about the proper operation, take the product back to the place of purchase.
-Do not clean the product with any liquid.

Normal operating voltage:AC230V,50Hz
Maximum load:300W RC

Frequency range:868.42MHz
Wireless Range:Up to 30m line of sight
Storage temperature:-5℃ to 65℃

Storage humidity:10% to 70%
Operating temperature:0℃ to 50℃

Operating humidity:30% to 80%

Design Features
[Radio Protocol] Z-Wave
[Z-Wave Frequency] 868.42MHz EU
[Wireless Range] 室内30米(根据建筑物材质),室外100米
[Power Supply] 230V AC 50Hz
[Load Type] 白炽灯,卤素灯
[Load Power] 50 - 300W
[Operating Humidity] 30% to 80%

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